Your Project is Our PRIME Business...

PRIME Construction is a construction, engineering, contracting and consulting company mainly engaged in the following activities.

  • Project Management and Consulting
  • Industrial Construction Works
  • Civil Construction Works

We are a global team of managers, designers, engineers and highly skilled workers. In cooperation with you, using our experience and knowledge, we create objects using modern technologies and solutions to solve the most important tasks of your business and your goals and objectives set in front of us. While executing the projects, we never compromise our commitments for Health, Safety, Environment, Ethics and Quality, and we build a transparent and open relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and respect.


Project Management

Project Management and Consulting on Budget Estimation, Project Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Cost Control

Document & Contract Management

Pre-Qualification and Technical Proposal Preparation, Contract Management, Claim Management and Negotiation

Site Preparation

Earthworks, Piling, Dewatering, Temporary Facilities and containers, Fencing & Gates, Temporary Roads and Foundation

Civil Works

Roads & Paving, Concrete & Grouting, Formwork, Coating, Reinforcement, Embedments, PVC/PEHD Piping, Shell Construction, Building, Finishing Works and Interior Works

Structural Steel Works

Primary Structural Steel Erection/Installation, Secondary Structural Steel Erection/Installation, Accessories Erection/Installation, Cladding

Mechanical Works

Erection of Equipment including Storage Tanks, Columns and Reactors, Reformers, Furnaces, Electrofilters, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Drums, Package Units...

Piping Works

Prefabrication and Erection of Process and Utility Piping, Support Prefabrication, NDE, PWHT, Hydrotest

Painting/Insulation Works

Sandblasting and Painting of Piping Systems, Insulation of Equipment and Piping Systems

Electrical/Instrumentation Works

Cable supporting system installation, Cable laying, Connection work for cables, Equipment Installation, Tests, Loop tests...

Assistance to Start-up and Shut-down

Assistance to Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up and Shut-down activities